#14 — Trish Purnell-Webb on The Art and Science of Love

Trish Purnell-Webb

In this episode of the Better Thinking podcast, Nesh Nikolic speaks with Trish Purnell-Webb about practical strategies that go to the heart of what makes relationships strong, meaningful and connected.

Trish Purnell-Webb is a Clinical Psychologist and Certified Gottman Marital Therapist, Master Trainer and Consultant. Trish and her business partner, John Flanagan, founded Relationship Institute Australasia, an organisation with a guiding principle to utilise sound, evidenced-based approaches to help people build, repair and rejuvenate strong, sustainable relationships. Trish leads live training workshops across Australia, NZ, and Asia.


Relationship Institute Australasia
The Art and Science of Love Couples Workshop


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