Better Thinking podcast equipment


I recorded this video to show you behind the scenes of my podcast studio setup. If you are just starting out, you don’t need everything I show and you definitely don’t need the exact brands I use.

As a minimum for running a podcast and recording videos for a blog I would invest in a decent studio microphone, mixer, lapel microphone and selfie stick or gimbal/video stabiliser.

Below is a list of the equipment I use for recording Better Thinking podcast and videos for my blog:

3-piece softbox light kit - Link
Sennheiser e935 dynamic microphone (x2) - Link
Rode PSA1 studio boom arm - Link
RodeCaster Pro integrated studio mixer - Link
Rode smartLav+ lapel microphone - Link
iPhone (I use the 6S) - Link
Zhiyun Smooth 4 video stabiliser - Link
Joby flexible magnetic tripod - Link
Manfrotto tripod - Link
Selfie stick - Any will do.

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