#22 — Danny Shannon on a Journey from Addiction to Recovery (Part 1)

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In this episode of Better Thinking, Nesh Nikolic speaks with Danny Shannon about his life as a heroin addict and the journey to recovery.

Danny Shannon is the founder of Encapsulator, an app for securely recording your future hopes, dreams and aspirations, into a time-locked vault to be discovered at a later date.

Danny is also a recovering addict who has not had a drink or a drug since the 15th of September 2009. He is raising awareness through his personal stories about addiction and empowering and educating others about the emotional and social impacts of addiction. He earned a Diploma in Community Services and is in the process of completing a Bachelor of Counselling. He is a Senior Case Manager at Glebe House, a treatment facility for men with addiction issues who are affected by the criminal justice system.


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Encapsulator (Digital Time Capsule app)
Narcotics Anonymous Australia
Glebe House

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