#20 — Dr Richard Landers on Artificial Intelligence in Psychology

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In this episode of Better Thinking, Nesh Nikolic speaks with Dr Richard N. Landers about artificial intelligence, game-thinking, privacy and how data is used in organisational psychology.

Dr Richard N. Landers is an Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, MN, USA. He is also holder of the John P. Campbell Distinguished Professorship of Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

His research program concerns the use of innovative technologies in assessment, employee selection, adult learning, and research methods. Recent topics have included big data, game-based learning, game-based assessment, gamification, unproctored Internet-based testing, mobile devices, virtual reality, and online social media.

His work has been published in Journal of Applied Psychology, Industrial and Organizational Psychology Perspectives, Computers in Human Behavior, Simulation & Gaming, Social Science Computer Review, and Psychological Methods, among others, and his research and writing have been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Science News, Popular Science, Maclean’s, and the Chronicle of Higher Education, among others. He is also author of a statistics textbook, A Step-by-Step Introduction to Statistics for Business, editor of Social Media in Employee Selection, and editor of the upcoming Cambridge Handbook of Technology and Employee Behavior.


Step-by-Step Introduction to Statistics for Business (Book)
TNTLAB (Testing New Technologies in Learning, Assessment, and Behavior)

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