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ACT in Depth


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Training for Mental Health Professionals

CPD/CE: 8 hours | Course Type: Self-paced | Content: Video & text

ACT in Depth is a comprehensive training program in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). This program has been designed predominately for clinicians.

By comprehensive, I mean we will explore theoretical principles, useful metaphors and models and practical case scenarios. The program contains 49 videos (over 6 hours) plus explanatory notes for each lesson.

The good news is you don't need to complete the program to begin implementing the ACT model. You can go through the program at your own pace, in one sitting (intense) or over a few days (recommended), and apply what you’ve learned along the way.

It is designed for mental health professionals, however, the teachings can also be applied by non-clinicians for personal use. (In some lessons I may ask you to "apply" what you've learned with a client, in which case you would action this in your life)

Although this program is a comprehensive start, there's so much more to ACT than this training can provide. It’s important to understand the core processes within ACT (experiential acceptance, cognitive diffusion, present moment, self as context, values, committed action) as relating to one another fostering psychological flexibility rather than individual processes. Having said this, in trying to teach each core process, it’s easier to explain one at a time. In practice, however, you cannot really be focusing on any core process alone, others will come along for the ride. I hope you can consider the nuances of how the core processes work together as this will be your greatest learning.

Once you understand the ACT framework and have at your disposal relevant examples, metaphors and models to reference, you'll no doubt gain confidence to begin your practical journey into this amazing therapy.

I look forward to sharing the tools and strategies I believe have made me a better psychologist.

See you inside the program!

Nesh Nikolic
Clinical Psychologist


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